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Coem Reverso2

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Three new colours to complete the REVERSO range.

The same materiai sensation now also in WHITE, SIL VER and BLACK for this product, which mimics the back of Travertine slabs, with their partial imperfections and subtle, almost faded patterns. The product interprets the back of the travertine slabs, partly imperfect, with surf ace graphics that are less evident and almost faded. The style is in line with the “raw” trend: the charm of the uneven surface is interpreted with elegance and refinement.

9—10mm thick
Dimensions (cm) 60 x 120
60 x 60
45 x 90
45 x 45
30 x 60
Finish: Natural*
Natural Rett*
Patina Rett*

*Not available in all sizes.
Rettified (Italian) or rectified tile is tile that has been mechanically finished on all sides to achieve uniformity and precision. The most sought after feature of rectified tile is that the uniform size allows for tile to be installed with narrow grout joints.

Prices from £39.61 per m² plus VAT

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