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Coem Soap Stone

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Soap Stone is a metamorphic rock quarried in Italy, the United States and Brazil, and may take on different colours, from grey through green to black, depending on where it is quarried.

The original stone is very hard and heat-resistant, which is why it is widely used to make cooking utensils and kitchen tops. Quarried in slabs, it is used in architecture for floors, wall coverings and external façades. Soap Stone has a very graphic, shaded, resistant, functional surface, with two different finishes: natural and lapped. The colours are true to the original material that inspires them, and the texture is marked by quite clear veining that brings out all its natural beauty. A “graphic” collection that inevitably shapes an idea of nature and stone.

The spirit of the person choosing this series is undoubtedly contemporary, and the series is well suited to residential and commercial spaces favouring a minimal, linear style, in which each furnishing element has been taken care of right down to the finest detail.

9—10mm thick
Dimensions (cm) 75 x 149.7
45 x 90
30 x 60
Finish: All Rettified:

*Not available in all sizes.
Rettified (Italian) or rectified tile is tile that has been mechanically finished on all sides to achieve uniformity and precision. The most sought after feature of rectified tile is that the uniform size allows for tile to be installed with narrow grout joints.

Prices from £39.61 per m² plus VAT

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