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Fiorenese Marmorea2

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A classic, timeless style

The eternal, classic nature of marble, with its veins and its unmistakable beauty, is to be found in the new Marmorea2 collection. Five colours – from the purest white to the most intense grey – and numerous sizes define the precious, modern surfaces that embrace the idea of a new elegance. Marmorea2 draws inspiration from large slabs of the following Marbles: Crema Avorio, Jolie Grey, Breccia Capraia, Emperador Light and Amani Grey. The decorated floor, offered in 3 different variants, uses the technique of inserting small marble tesserae into a cement surface. All the types of Marmorea2 are inserted inside the decoration, which can then be combined with each of the Marbles indicated. This marble effect, thanks to the graphic varieties and the two different finishes, polished and matt, makes it possible to furnish any type of setting, from the most classic to the most minimal, meeting the latest interior design and lifestyle demands.

10mm thick
Dimensions (cm)
60 x 60
30 x 60
Finish: All Rettified:

Rettified (Italian) or rectified tile is tile that has been mechanically finished on all sides to achieve uniformity and precision. The most sought after feature of rectified tile is that the uniform size allows for tile to be installed with narrow grout joints.

Prices from £39.61 per m² plus VAT

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