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Keope Brystone

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Limestone effect porcelain stoneware

The Brystone collection gathers the many facets of limestone into a steady, unified surface, perfect for finishing and decorating new architectural spaces with integrity. In this contemporary portrait of rock, the product of millenary quarries finds a softer and greater aesthetic value.

Brystone offers endless possibilities for installation. It has exceptional modularity, both for floors and walls. Formats such as 9,7 x 60cm and 30 x 60cm lend themselves to creative schemes, while the 120 x 278 slab widens the scene. The decorative pieces and the mosaic are made to dazzle.

8.2 and 9mm thick
Dimensions (cm) 120 x 120
60 x 120
30 x 120
60 x 60
80 x 80
30 x 60
60 x 90 (20mm)
Finish: All Rettified
20mm thick*

*Not available in all sizes.
Rettified (Italian) or rectified tile is tile that has been mechanically finished on all sides to achieve uniformity and precision. The most sought after feature of rectified tile is that the uniform size allows for tile to be installed with narrow grout joints.

Prices from £36.03 per m² plus VAT

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