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Panaria Pierre des Rêves

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We are different, but complementary, in all the choices we make

As a couple, the unique sides of our characters are always emerging, but for our house project we were able to agree immediately: we chose high-performance, versatile surfaces that cover our indoor and outdoor spaces in perfect harmony. I love being outside because I feel free to express myself, following my green passions, feeling the friendliness of nature that frees me from negative thoughts. He prefers his surroundings organized and functional with everything under his control, a bit minimalist, but rich in warmth and intimacy. On the next pages we’ll tell you how we succeeded in finding harmonious solutions that meet both our needs.

10mm thick
Dimensions (cm) 90 x 90 (11mm)
60 x 120
60 x 60
30 x 60
Finish: All Rettified

*Not available in all sizes.
Rettified (Italian) or rectified tile is tile that has been mechanically finished on all sides to achieve uniformity and precision. The most sought after feature of rectified tile is that the uniform size allows for tile to be installed with narrow grout joints.

Prices from £39.32 per m² plus VAT

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